How We Make The Metal Business Cards Impressive?

Meta business cards

Making a notion is what a Laser Engraved Metal Business Card is all about. It helps to express a lot on one small piece of card stock your business culture, your professionalism, the nature of your company, all in a very few golden words and pictures. Designing a best business card that really catches the eye is very important.

What are the best techniques to make impressive metal business card?

There are several printing techniques that really maximize how visually attractive your card will be and one of these is frustrate and foil stamping.

  1. Printing with foil is a method of accentuating positive parts of your design, so that it catches the light and stands out. It can be gold or silver, or a funky bright color to complement your company branding.
  2. If you are designing Engraved Metal Business Cards that will use foil stamping it aids to understand the process, so that you can use it efficiently.
  3. First of all a metal die is cut to the mandatory design. If two or more different colors are to be used a separate die for each color is shaped. The dies are then animated and stamped with enough pressure onto the thin layer of foil to seal it onto the card. The resulting effect leaves a vaguely raised impression on the card suggestive of letterpress.

Foil stamping is best to make the metal business card attractive:

Now days there are a wide range of foils to choose from; the simple and attractive silver and gold foils have been connected by a rainbow of metallic colors. There are even decorative foils or the very effective and delicate clear foil that just adds sheen to the raised feeling of customers.

thermographicFinishing of metal business card also impact on the beauty of card:

There are also a wide range of finishes to select from; the metallic finish is the clear one, but you can also go for a more delicate matte finish, or even a mineral effect.
One of the main advantages of foil stamping is that it can be evenly effective on dark backgrounds as on light. As the foil is solid and is applied on top of the card its color is not affected at all by the base color of the card, unlike when printing with inks.

One thing to remember when designing your company card to include foil stamping because the process uses heat it is not appropriate to use over text or images that have already been printed in a thermographic process, as the heat can soften the resins used in this process.



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