Why Metal Business Cards Still Matter In The Modern Age

Metal Business Cards

The metal business card is the single most important and successful networking tool of all era. But the question is that


Because it is very simple, yet most effective.

How metal business cards get important in the early age?

From as early as the 16th century, custom metal business cards have been used as a form of advertising or promoting oneself with ‘bets visiting cards’ famous in both China and Japan for announcing the care of a meeting with another person.

Now a day, the engraved business card is an internationally recognized way of exchanging contact details, with tens of billions metal cards printed worldwide every year.

In the age of social networks, you would be forgiven for questioning the relevancy of a physical metal card. You have no doubt seen the headlines announcing the death of print in the digital era.

It does something that data can’t – it’s a palpable way of saying, ‘this is me’.

But truly, as our lives have become more virtualized, the best metal business card has gained an increasing importance in the real earth and is more relevant than it ever was.

An individual’s success or failure in business can depend on the strength of their personal advertisement. The engraved metal business card as a marketing tool may seem a little aged fashioned, especially when there is the potential to connect fast and easily with millions on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Black Metal Business CardsBut it is incredibly hard to stand out among the multitude of LinkedIn 187 million members. To others, you are just another URL or other email address.

By meeting people and speaking to them you get to say a lot more about yourself and a black metal business card can speak volumes about its owner. It does something that data cannot it is a tangible way of saying, this is me.

Through great design you can bring character to your business and assist it stand out. And you do not have to be a multi-national with a million-pound marketing budget to get you yourself noticed.

I do not think any fancy campaign can match the power and ease of handing over a well-designed metal business card.


Powerful And Attractive Networking Tips Using Metal Business Cards

Metal Business CardsWhether you are looking for a job or running a company, giving out metal business card is important to marketing your skills or services.  Here are some proven tips using metal business cards to increase your opportunities of landing a job or creating a business opportunity.

Never leave the home without metal business cards: 

Before leaving your home, your checklist should be expanded to include metal cards. Any ‘per chance’ meeting is a chance to give out an engraved metal business card. A morning run or a quick tour to the local store could be a best chance to network. Make it a habit to carry cards in your wallet.

Insert a metal business card when mailing bill payments:

Bills contain ads. Why cannot you advertise your product or services the same way’ Insert a best metal business card with your payment. You may not consider a person in Saudi Arabia who opens your credit card bill payment can assist you. Developing this helpful networking attitude will be an important source of continued success.

Be Liberal:         

Give Black metal business cards out to everyone, including friends and family. Do not let vanity prevent you from giving out your last card or giving two at a time to each person. I have met many people who have completely missed the aim of a metal card. I once asked a person for a second card, so I could refer his services. His response was “I only have a few business cards left and I need them”, as he looked again at his name on the card.

Ask for referral:

Metal Business CardsWhen giving a Top metal business cards, people feel more ease when you ask; ‘I would escalate a referral, if you know anybody that could use my services’. Do not make people feel like they are on the spot. This method disarms people better than requesting them, ‘is your company hiring.

Increase your per-chance meeting:

You never know when you might meet somebody who can assist you. Family and friends social events could produce unexpected meetings with people. Don’t discount those occasions. So you are going to a birthday party for your friend’s child. You never know who you might see. At a family holiday gathering last year, I met somebody that has been contributory in developing our business this year. Who would have supposed this could happen by giving him a simple metal card.