Metal Business Cards Is Portable Marketing Tool

Black Metal Business Cards

What Is Metal Business Card?

Metal business card is a piece of metal which display you and your business in front of the clients or customers. All the information about the company, personal enter into cards. Your contact number must be added on the cards.

Metal Used In Metal Business Cards:

Real Metal Business Cards have been making some wonderful gains in popularity over recent years. Most are available in shades of gold and silver with spot color inks printed on the surface. Company cards are often produced using aluminum, stainless steel SS or copper.
Metal Business CardsMetal Business Cards

Metal company card printing companies offer tradition and custom options from the very basic to the extravagant (intricate, engraving and custom die cuts).

There’s a very limited number of printing companies in the all over the world who expert in metal cards. You will frequently find much better pricing and more available opportunities from metal card manufacturers in world. Also, many print brokers or agents in the world will market Metal Business Cards which are produced for overseas.

How We Buy The Metal Business Cards?


Metal Business CardsThe central things to think when buying real metal cards are the thickness normal thickness is 0.36mm is a common weight, the materials, the best price and the capability to modify your cards. I suggested you copper or stainless steel SS over a cheaper aluminum card. Prices of these cards are becoming more competitive every year, especially when buying from overseas or direct from a reseller. Traditional or custom options, including the capability to die cut frames and images, slogan are a huge bonus. Most Engraved Metal Business Cards are already produced with “safe and secure” rounded corners and dull corner or edges. No one wants their cards to be potentially hazardous and dangerous.

Some clients may request a Black Metal Business Card, red or other colored background to be printed on their company cards. This creates a more “custom” card style while still maintaining the attractive and impressive look and feel of real metal.

How We Cut The Die Of Metal Business Card?

Die cuts are typically attained with photo chemical or laser etching. Amazing effects can be created by die cutting images, logos, frames and image silhouettes. Etching and engraving can create show-stopping textures and shading that compares the shiny metallic look and feel of the rest of your business card.


Who Should Use Metal Business Card?

Metal Business CardsThere are a lot of choices out there for creative and Unique Metal Business Cards. Even, just because a cool design exists does not mean it is necessarily right for your company. Take metal cards for example. Shiny, metallic and attracting, metal calling cards are high end cards that are more exclusive than regular paper cards or even plastic cards and if you plan on using a silver or gold plated card be sure it fits your company. Even in the right industries you may want to wait until you have achieved a vice chancellor title before splurging for a gold plated card.

Metal Business Cards Should Be Shiny And Flashy:

First off, Top Metal Business Cards are flashy and showy. People who use such cards need to be ultra-confident and confident because silver and gold are precious metals that indicate scarcity and value and if you can’t back up the arrogant of your card you may want to think another option. People who work in high economics and international business consulting are perfect candidates for metal cards. When you deal in multi-million $ contracts and billion $ developments it assists to have a calling card that matches the company you keep.

Types Of Metal Used In Metal Business Cards:

Silver and Gold cards are also best options for people who happen to skill in precious metals. Commodity traders may want to discrete themselves from other traders by using the material they deal in as the base of their card. Gold is trading very high now a days and if you trade in gold or are a gold purchaser who melts scrap jewelry then a gold metal business card is rather fitting. The same goes for person who trade in silver. Though most people consider silver and gold when considering Best Metal Business Cards you can also find SS cards that are perfect for people who have to work outside in adverse conditions and require a durable card that can handle the pressure. Consultants for oil rigs, building contractors and developers spend a lot of time on-site and it’s very simple for a paper card to get ruined rapidly when used in these environments. A SS business card is more tough than shiny and if your field involves coarse conditions and places that feature exacting conditions a Engraved Black Metal Business Card may be your best choice for making sure people remember you.